It is our joy to make every effort towards the comfort and satisfaction of our guests and to put care into the products and services we provide for our guests.  However, we are not a luxury accommodation; we are at heart an eco-resort with a relaxed family atmosphere.

Before making a reservation, here are a few bits of information to give you a better idea of what awaits you upon arrival:

What to expect:

  • Service with a smile from our international team.

  • Daily housekeeping.

  • Simple, clean, comfortable accommodation.

  • An array of items on the menu to suit the taste buds of our international guests.

  • A peaceful atmosphere that encourages relaxation. We encourage a peaceful environment for all of our guests. We request that all guests keep a respectful noise level and embrace the tranquility of the island.

  • The reduce, re-use, recycle philosophy. We invite our guests to adopt this attitude while staying with us, as well as after they have departed Tioman. We request that our guests take care with their consumption, energy use, and waste disposal. In keeping with this philosophy, we re-purpose furniture, driftwood, rocks, and other materials into our decor, which can be seen throughout the resort.

  • A few pets who love to cuddle. Our house animals frequently find their way into the hearts our of guests. Feel free to give them a little love, but be mindful that we discourage all pets from entering guests rooms or lazing around the restaurant area during meal times.

  • The experience of Tioman's natural environment. The rainforest and the sea are just steps from our door, and glimpses of the native wildlife are always present. Expect to be given every opportunity to learn about our neighbors.

  • The simpler side of life. Instead of TV's in our guests rooms, we encourage our guests to embrace the basics. Our library offers a wide array of books and magazines. Play Jenga or a card game with your family in the evening, or a sunset game of frisbee on the beach!

Packing for Tioman Island

  • Beach shoes/sandals/flipflops and a good pair of walking shoes if you are interested in trekking (you will want traction). If you are travelling with children, water shoes are good to wear when exploring the seashore.

  • Sunblock. The sun here is very strong, protect your skin!

  • Bug spray. While nature takes care of most bugs and mosquitoes on our property, it is a good idea to wear bug spray when walking between villages.

  • Toiletries. Only minimum amenities provided in room e.g Body shower gel and shampoo. By bringing your own toiletries, you can help us cut down on waste that causes a negative impact on our natural environment. Do not worry if you have forgotten anything - we have a selection of items for sale, and there are shops in the neighboring villages.

  • Your sense of adventure. There is so much to explore on Tioman Island, and nature is just out our back door!

  • Cash. There is only one ATM on the island which is a twenty-minute speedboat ride from Melina Beach. It s recommended that you get cash before departing the mainland.

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Cash

  • Visa / Mastercard/ Amex and Union Pay

Meals, activity bookings and any miscellaneous charges will be billed to your room. Your balance can be paid upon check-out.  *10% service charge is applied to your bill upon check-out.